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What? is the canonical resource for all material related to Web Components development. Web Components provide a new and standard way of building UI components. It’s a lot to absorb all at once and very different from most of the previous ways to work with UI on the web. provides articles, presentations, podcasts, interviews, original content, resources, tools and much more to assist designers, developers, and other web professionals build components that are (or will be) ‘first class’ DOM objects in the browsers. Our content is totally free and we welcome contributions on to content and other resources such as polyfills & tools maintained by our Github organization.


It’s a different web today. It’s a different way of thinking about UI components on a page. The Polymer, X-tag, and other libraries have stepped up to help abstract some of the complexities of the Web Component Specifications. Projects like & Component.Kitchen have helped us find components but much of the documentation, use cases, and content surrounding Web Components is scattered across the web. We aim to alleviate this random distribution and centralize Web Component content. This will enable us to share knowledge, code, and tooling much faster & in much greater depth across the Web Components ecosystem.


We are the pioneers and community-members of the Web Components ecosystem. The team is dedicated to supporting all that is part of Web Components. Here is a complete list of the contributors to the project on Github.