Polymer in Production

Lessons learnt from deploying Polymer in a production environment.

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Polymer Testing Tips

This article goes through some of the more advanced topics such as user interaction simulation, automatic testing with Continuous Integration, testing on multiple OS/browsers, and more useful tips.

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There is an Element for That

Sebastian attended to the first ever Polymer Summit in Amsterdam recently. This was his first Polymer conference obviously but this was also his first conference & trip to Amsterdam. As an AngularJS developer he was very curious about the Polymer Project and the ambitious ideas behind it. Here is what he had to say. Read More >

A lot of progress has been made since the introduction of the Web Components back in 2011. All major browsers have started implementation of the technologies needed to run web components natively. While browser vendors are still working on native implementations, libraries have been able to use a polyfill to make web components available to developers already.

But what is the status of Web Components for actual production use in business applications?

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Web Components have been an controversial subject that surfaced the Front end world over the last years that I'm still pretty skeptical about its usage on existing and greenfield projects due the lack of good examples on how they can be rolled out to production, but there is sure a way to get started with them without buying in all the hype.

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This article is the second in a series of tutorials dealing with creation and best practices involved in designing Vanilla Web Component systems. Read More >